Ville Vickholm deceased29.11. 2003

A shock for in the international scooter scene: Ville died.

Paris-Brest - Paris by Alpo25.08. 2003

Report from Paris-Brest-Paris race by Alpo

EC St. Wendel17.06. 2003

An exhiting eurocup weekend at the sportparcours Wendelinuspark in South of Germany. Great track, start finish/zone with free drinks and barbecue and competition!

EC Thusis27.04. 2003

The race from Thusis to Chur was quite fast this year due to a good tailwind and warm weather (+18 C). There were participants from 5 European countries,

Ketkupolkka top riders beaten by American in kicksled race!24.01. 2003

Last Saturday it happened. Richard Van Camp beat Finnish kicksledding stars in Kepo-hepo (Helsinki Finlnad) cross-country marathon!

Czech defeat 'flying' Finns30.10. 2002

The Czech scooters defeat 2 "flying" Finns! "In Finland we think we are best kiskers in the world if not on milky way" said Alpo Kuusisto, "Everything has its end and this sentence is not true this way any more" added…

3 new world records by Alpo Kuusisto!!!!31.08. 2002

3 new world records by Alpo Kuusisto!!!!

Great weekend in EC Czech25.06. 2002

21 June 2002 the European Championship Scootering 2002 started in centre of the Czech town Carlsbad.

Strong and close finish eurocup in the Netherlands.11.06. 2002

Friday June 7 an exhiting eurocup took place in the centre of the town Hengelo in the East of the Netherlands.

Report from Thusis by Ville09.05. 2002

Switzerland, April 27th Ville won the Thusis race in a time of 0.56:49.10. Fastes lady was Andrea Hammer from Germany in 1.12:13.70 We hope to see her again in coming Eurocup races
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