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the world organisation for footbike (=scooter) and kicksled sport. If you kick let us know! We invite you to take part in the exciting kicksled and footbike events. Each year more and more participants from various nations join us. See you at start line !

Note: IKSA euro- and worldcup are not the same as a European (EC) and World Championship (WC). When spoken of a cup, we mean the yearly competition in which athletes gather points in several races. When spoken of Championship it is THE title event in one discpline in footbike sport.
World Championships take part every 2 year. European championships take part every 2 years. In future we hope to add more continents with own championships and to increase frequence of the championships to yearly events.






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Brian | 11.06. 2017 12:41

In just over a month time a Eurocup is planned in Czech Republic and a month later will be the EC in Austria. The only information available about the Eurocup are the dates and the town. The Austrians only provide information about location, race schedule and prices. Nothing about accommodation or meals and such. I like to participate but also need to organise travel and other things which I won't do until I have more details about these events. The longer competitors have to wait the less likely it is they will participate. In the interest of our sport and competition please publish full details three month or longer ahead.

Eric van der Meide | 02.05. 2016 23:51

Good to see a new website. But i see a fault in the worldranking. I came from 143 to 149, you say that is -2, but i think it is -5. Than i miss one point. I finished last year in Lipnik nad Becvou in the endurance race. Not at last but second last. Why don't i have a point? It is the same point i miss in the eurocup results.

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