3 new world records by Alpo Kuusisto!!!! - 31.08. 2002

3 new world records by Alpo Kuusisto!!!!

24 hour record 519 km

20 hour record 451 km 1

5 hour record 355,5 km

Alpo Kuusisto in Finland has broken the 24 hour scooter record!! on 24 hours.... After 14.28 hours he has made the 15 hour record of Dutchman Rudy van Bork (344,917 km - which dated from 1991) and Alpo still has 28 minits to go to set a better time. The average has been till the 345 km limit 23.7 km pro hour. The lap is 2020 meters long and has hight difference in it. The 24 hour record was 450,448 km and made by Gerrit-Jan Beldman in the Netherlands (Selles Kamperzeedijk). Kicked on a 4,792 km long track with a 12,5 inch weeled iron selfmade scooter. Also this belongs to past now.


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