EC Czech Republic in details - 23.08. 2022

After a grand final of the season in July – scooter World Cup in Estonia, there was another home highlight at the beginning of August – Czech WC in sprint and at the same time 3rd round of domestic RL and EC in traditional destination in Lipník nad Bečvou within Lipník challenge.

Organizing team prepared a very difficult weekend for all competitors. 400 m sprints were as usually on Friday and also included in Czech WC. Criterion and relays were prepared for competitors on Saturday. Long distance race was on a program for Sunday. Saturday ´s and Sunday´s races were subsumed to EUROCUP.

A great participation shows that competitors like Lipník and Lipník challenge became a traditional part of their race calendars. 110 competitors in all age categories sign up for Friday´s sprints.
The participation got even higher next days and 161 competitors met at the starting line.

As tradition goes, Friday sprints took place at athletic stadium in Lipník. Despite of excruciating heat all competitors, youngest to oldest, showed off an excellent performance. In all race starts there was something great to see and all competitors fought bravely for every meter of Lipník´s tartan. The absolute fastest was domestic competitor Roman Matyáš (TŘISTA60) with the time 41,48 seconds (according to a public information i tis the fastest time in 400 m discipline). Second was a junior Tomáš Sedlář (KOSTKA RACING) tight with the thirds Ladislav Bartůněk (ULTIMA CLUB Lap Team). The fastest in women category was Adéla Zapletalová (1. KK Lipník nad Bečvou), second Kamila Peštová (PSP klub koloběhu Plzeň) and bronze went to domestic Andrea Zbožková (TŘISTA60).

Waking up to a rainy Saturday was not comfortable neither for competitors nor organizers but organizing team was able to handle everything and prepared Osecká street for Saturday´s criterion and relay disciplines. The rain stopped with the first race start so the audience could enjoy an excellent performance of all competitors on the track. The fastest in technic criterion was once again domestic Roman Matyáš (TŘISTA60) who won easily. Tomáš Pelc (ULTIMA K. Lap Team) was second and promising junior Tomáš Sedlář (KOSTKA RACING) ended up third. It was a hard fight in women category but Adéla Zapletalová was the winner. Second Kristýna Frýzová (TŘISTA60) and third Andrea Zbožková (TŘISTA60).

In between criterion and relays the youngest children got their chance to race on their ride on scooters, which gave a little bit of time to other competitors to relax. Older and advanced tested their strength in a hobby race.

Early evening relays won in a mixed young juniors Richard Pešek, Matyáš Svoboda a Judita Fantová. Winners in cadets were Marek Sázel, Petra Zahradníková and Filip Krečmer. The fastest relay in women category was relay consisting of Andrea Zbožková, Kristýna Frýzová and Štěpánka Lubovská. In men, after a fierce and balanced fight, the winning relay was the one consisted of Tomáš Pelc, Ladislav Bartůněk and Pavel Remeš.

Sunday was sunny but windy and competitors could fight for more points on a long track. Even though previous two days were difficult there was no sign of fatigue on any competitor so they fought till the end with all their strength.

Domestic audience supported all competitors every time they went through the middle of Nové Dvory. The long-distance race ended with domestic golden hattrick and Roman Matyáš flew past the target with a big lead before second Tomáš Pelc and third Vladimír Ondruška. Women category won Kristýna Frýzová who fought some difficulties on the track, tightly behind her Andrea Zbořková went for a silver and Adéla Zapletalová took the bronze.

A big thanks goes to all competitors for their performance, from youngest to ultra-veterans.
Huge thanks goes to the whole organizing team  who sacrificed blood, sweat and tears for this event and last but not least thank goes to Vašek Liška the commentator, who became an integral part of Lipník challenge.





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