EC France 2011 - 14.05. 2011

LYON FRANCE - We had some nice time in Lyon where the first round of Eurocup 2011 season had been held on May 14-15. Nowadays on, Lyon is the place, where scooter sport history was rewritten... After some 10 hours of driving we came to sunny Lyon to meet our European scooter friends and also to have some scooter racing there.

There was an opening tour on Friday in bright sunny conditions through the inner city hart of Lyon was just in one word superb. It was beautifull, sportive (a climb to cathedral) and very good organised with a free bus in which all footbikers could ride (including footbikes) to the centre of town (and back). And with a finishing touch a short speech of major at town hall with a drink.

Unfortunately (next day's) sunny Saturday morning changed into rainy afternoon, so we kicked those 42km in muddy cold weather.

As the footbikers are strong and any behavior of St. Peter could not stop them, the pole of some 50 people kicked the first kms of new European season, with usual habits, however with unusual result. There was no one to keep the pace in the man field, so the leading pack of some 8 men was kicking lazy enough (some 25,5 average) to be caught by a tiny lady from Woudenberg, Holland, Rosanne Reijne. She started one minute after the pack of men to catch us in the second lap and keeping the pace every time no mighty footbiker wanted to do so:) As a result, Rosanne won the 42km marathon overall, because she stayed in the main field till the end, to rewrite the history of our sport - I guess never in the history of Eurocup, men have been defeated by woman. It happened in Lyon - may be it is the end of days:)

Also it was unusual event, because seldom we have 8 men spurting for victory together in the last few meters. Similarly to cycling, we had this kind of finish in Lyon, and suddenly I was first on the finish line some meters in front of Jasper Stringa and still junior Marek Kadlec.

After putting some dry clothes on, we had nice time with the bunch of footbikers later in the evening, drinking some tasty wine and eating even tastier French fromage. Mr. Hub, unusually, was delivering some old scooter sport stories, which is fun every time he starts with that kind of themes...I would translate them to you one time...

Sunday, luckily, was sunny again, so we could kick 10km in a little bit more comfortable way. Despite the pace was a little bit higher (some 27km/h), there was again no one to escape. As men were arguing, who would keep the pace, Rosanne again somewhere behind, was kicking her own time trial, and finally she was faster in the overall standings again (some 27,2km/h for tiny lady in10km kicking alone seems to be fast enough:).

Well, 5 men group consisting of me, Jasper, Lars, Marek and Stephan, was battling in the spurt again and luckily I won really close in front of Jasper and Stephan. Then we all gave our congrats to Rosanne again :):) That is how it was. Thanks to Christophe to great event. Iam sure to be back in 2012 to bring the honor back to the men human kind:) CU all in Germany.


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