EUROCUP GERMANY 2022 - 21.06. 2022

On 4th and 5th of June, the DTRV welcomed approximately 50 participants from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and even Great Britain for the first EUROCUP event of 2022. The short, but challenging course circled the coal mine hugo, a sure landmark of the Ruhr region. The event was accompanied by the historic coal mine's summer fair, permitting the participants and the DTRV to introduce many interested visitors to footbiking. 

In the men's Criterium on Saturday, Tomasz Pelc (CZ) was able to secure a firm lead over Jan Pavel (CZ), wheras the women's criterium was won by Agnes Bossink (NL), followed by Anne Vanhove (FRA). 


Tomasz was able to maintain his result in Sunday's long race, making him the current men's eurocup leader. The women's long race was led by Jule Prins (DE) who would also become the 2022 women's German champion. After a strong perfomance, Agnes Bossink finished second in the long race and is therefore the current women's eurocup leader. 


All is coming now to the World Championships to Estonia in mid July...




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