Ketkupolkka top riders beaten by American in kicksled race! - 24.01. 2003

Last Saturday it happened. Richard Van Camp beat Finnish kicksledding stars in Kepo-hepo (Helsinki Finlnad) cross-country marathon! Nowadays Richard lives in Jyväskylä and he is a member of the KENSU team (same as me). But also Richard is a citizen of USA, so he wrote a new page on the kicksled history. See the Kick News:

Results Men 42,2km:

1. Richard Van Camp KENSU, Jyväskylä 2.25.54,

2. Alpo Kuusisto Ketkupolkka, Helsinki 2.37.16,

3. Ville Vickholm Ketkupolkka, Helsinki 2.41.20,

4. Hannu Vierikko Ketkupolkka, Helsinki 2.57.34,

5. Esa Mononen Ketkupolkka, Helsinki 3.03.03


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