Ville Vickholm deceased - 29.11. 2003

Sad news from Lapinjärvi Finland A shock for in the international scooter scene: Ville died.

Ville Vickholm was president of just founded National Scooter organisation Finland and head of the eurocup committee within our International Kicksled and Scooter Association. We don't have to tell you what a great loss this is...

Ville Vickholm deceased on November 27 while training on his Kickbike after a motor car bumped him off the road near his home in Lapinjärvi. Ville's departure in a man's prime touches his close relations as many things were left in their incipiency. One of them was his work as a teacher in Kapellby school. This sad message touches also Ville's large sphere of friends that developed also during the years he spent kicksledding and scootering.

Ville's competitive kicksled career started back in 1993 in Noux, Espoo, where he immediately took the second place among elite kicksledders in the Viktor Balck 100 km memorial race. The hobby became a passion and during the past decade Ville left thousands of kick traces close to his home as well as around Europe. Ville performed remarkable work promoting kicking sports by arranging versatile race events and during the past year he acted as the president of Finnish Kicksled and Scooter Association.

He was still kicking along with top speed. Last summer he won the Eurocup total point ranking and already opened this winter season in the First Snow Kicks. The kick career seemed to be quite in order. Now there is a hole of Ville's caliber in our world. It must be difficult for the dearest of Ville to imagine life without him. The same applies to his small pupils, but school, life and play must go on. Ville remains in our minds as a sincere person, with whom also his fellow competitors found it pleasant to race.


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