What is on in Italy? - 29.04. 2016

Elise have send us a short summary about what is happening with footbike sport in Italy...

The kicking season has started for Gruppo Sportivo AVIS Ivrea on Sunday, 24th April, with the footbike tour on the beautiful cycling path linking Châtillon and Fénis in Valle d’Aosta. Campionato Canavesano Footbike - the only footbiking championship in Italy, in the North-West of the Country - will start on Sunday, 8th May with a short triathlon (footbike - mountain bike - run), continue for the whole summer season and end on Sunday, 2nd October with another triathlon. The individual ranking will be made counting individual and relay races, while the relay title will be assigned on Sunday, 9th October with the historical Tre Ore di Ivrea, a three-hour-relay in Ivrea city center. Besides the cahampionship races, some promotional events will be organized as well, like kids races and a cross fun event, and also for 2016 the promotional activity in middle schools has started. The main goal of AVIS Ivrea is always promoting footbiking sport and blood donation at the same time.

From the commercial point of view, some footbike shops and rentals have opened around the Country, and the number of kickers - including mushers - is slowly growing. Let’s hope we’ll get more and more in the coming years!


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