World Championships Holland 2008 - 20.08. 2008

Published July 2008

The first part of the season has gone, and so many things have happened. In our Campionato Canavesano relay, started in Baldissero on 1st May, Team AVIS Ivrea 1, with Igor Ricci and Federico Torti, seems to be unbeatable, although some other teams have improved a lot in the last times. As always, unfortunately, only one woman team is taking part to the championship, we still hope to find someone else, to make races more interesting. In the individual championship, Igor Ricci dominates again, winning nearly every race. Again not so interesting to talk about female classification, with just three participants… always on the podium!

Out of championship, on 22nd June we went to F1 track in Monza, to join a great sports event and to show our sport to people come from the surroundings. We made a short relay for teams made by an adult and a child, then, for the rest of the day, many people came to try our scooters. Hope to find new kickers for our races!

And, the following weekend, Eurocup in Ivrea and Strambino. Many participants came from abroad to join us Italians, and it's always nice to organize events for many people. On Saturday, in the sprint race, Kai Immonen from Finland really seemed to have wings, and won the race improving the world record of some 2 seconds (42.73). Behind him, Petr Pešta from Czech Republic and Massimo Natale from Italy. In the ladies, first Hermien Koers from the Netherlands, second and third Marketa Peštová and Martina Smitková from Czech Republic. In the relay, Team Ketkupollka Helsinki won in front of AVIS Ivrea 1 and Grifoni from Italy. In the meantime, races for kids of various categories, won by Lorenzo Ricci (<7 years), Jannik Küppenbender (8/11 years), and Einari Vierikko (>12 years), also member of the winning team in the relay. After races, party in Montalto Dora, where the Finns gave their best when everybody else was already in bed.

On Sunday, long distance race in a beautiful hilly surrounding, again with very high temperature and some wet pieces on the track due to morning rain. The excessive effort in the sprint race (and maybe also the "pikkus" at the party - someone will understand…) didn't help the expected winner Kai Immonen, who finished second, behind a very strong Petr Pešta and before our fastest Italian Igor Ricci. In the women, Martina Smitková made an extraordinary race, winning although taking the wrong way in the last part of the race (our fault, sorry!). She was really very fast, and she won in front on other Czech Marketa Peštová and Ivana Dvo?aková, other very strong new entry. After the race, lunch and prize ceremony. Apart from sport matters, we seem to be quite good organizers when talking about food… What to say after this nice weekend? Just thank you to all participants and helpers, and hope to do better and better year after year. There's always something to improve…

Just the time to relax a little after Eurocup, then another hard and warm relay for our local championship, followed by the always appreciated dinner at Roberto's place. Then the writer flew to Finland for a short holiday (thanks to everyone for hospitality!), where Erwin talked about organizing a scooter race in the USA, where he's moving to, for next summer, inviting all scooter friends. Let's talk about it!

From Finland, directly to Czech Republic, where the guys organized a great event. Nice races, good food, party, disco… Well, maybe the disco wasn't exactly part of the event, but it was funny anyway. Not so special for "athletes", but… Team Ultima teaches! Thanks to all organizers for the great job, everyone enjoyed that, and thanks personally to Petr and Marketa for driving me from the airport. It would have been quite difficult by train. Too heavy baggage, Hannu teaches…

One week later, traditional weekend of races in Rapy, Valle d'Aosta, on a nice 2km skiroll track in a beautiful mountain surrounding. Special guest, Funke family from Germany. Always nice to have them in our events! On Saturday, after kids race, 10km race with strong wind, so very hard to kick. Igor was first, Elisa had hard work to win just few seconds in front of Alicja and Rossana. On Sunday morning, 42km, with warm sun and no wind. Igor finished first again, before Marco Cecchetti and Federico Torti. Elisa and Alicja again on the podium… Very good also our young guys, Leonard and Giacomo, that kicked respectively 32 and 26km. As always, before and after races, very "light" lunches and dinners cooked by Ezio. Thanks for giving us energy for the races! Good excuse…

And now, still one relay in Mazzè on 10th August, then the Italian expedition will leave to the Netherlands for the World Championship. See you there!


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